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Pregame notes: Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl talks about Boston Celtics, Ty Lawson

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Before tonight's game against the Celtics, Karl spoke with the media to address what has been going on since the All Star break.

Jared Wickerham

Karl on All Star break:

"I think it's important. I think the players would wear out if you didn't have a break; I personally, would recommend two breaks. You need to get away from it for awhile."

Karl on Faried shooting threes:

"He can shoot it if he wants, but he better make it."

Karl on points in the paint vs. Celtics and Celtics perimeter scoring:

"We held them to 94 points; it wasn't a classy defensive game. We were inconsistent in some areas ... 94, I'd probably take 94 tonight. They are a very good defensive team. They are one of the best transition defensive teams in the NBA, in my opinion. They have [Kevin] Garnett and their two guards coming at your very aggressively defensively. They come off the bench with two good scorers in [Jason] Terry and [Jeff] Green, who -- other than [Paul] Pierce and Garnett -- Terry and Green are the key to the game [for Boston]."

Karl on playing Celtics so soon after recent loss in Boston:

"It's always good to have a game where you can use the video and do a little tinkering. It sounds kind of like an excuse a little bit, but these next three games -- just getting back to having our edge and playing our basketball -- I don't want to overemphasize the Boston game as much as: let's get back to how we play well."

Can Lawson have success against Avery Bradley again?

"Avery Bradley is trying to build himself as a defensive player. Ty has got to understand that he is going to have a guy that can stay in front of him better than most, but we're going to give [Lawson] a lot of opportunity to exploit what he can. Ty's playing as good as he's playing all year and maybe as good as he's played in his career."

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