One of the most intriguing players in this year’s NBA draft was in town today to workout for the Nuggets. Ricky Ledo, out of Providence, might have the biggest “boom” potential out of any mid-to-late-round selection. The main reason why he’s so intriguing? He has gobs of talent, but did not get to showcase it at Providence due to the NCAA ruling making him a “partial qualifier” – meaning he could practice with the team, but not play in any games during his first season. Part of the reason why he was a partial qualifier is because he attended four high schools in five years.

Ledo spoke at the NBA Draft Combine about why he decided to come out now and addressed that he would have been eligible to play at Providence had he stayed in school. He's a dynamic offensive player, but folks just haven't seen a whole lot of him in legitimate competition.

From Draft Express:

On the offensive end, Ledo is nothing short of a superb talent, as he's an extremely potent scorer both attacking the basket and hitting perimeter jumpers. He seems to have taken his jump shot to the next level since we last saw him, as he hit an outstanding 9-for-17 threes in the two games here this weekend. More impressive is that most of them came pulling up off the dribble, where Ledo shows excellent balance, clear cut NBA range, and the ability and confidence to hit a shot with a hand in his face.

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I was curious as to what the Nuggets look for when they hold these workouts and what they see in Ledo. Lead scout Mike Bratz addressed the media about Ledo and about what the Nuggets look for at their workouts.

"We're testing athleticism right now," said Bratz. "Speed, quickness, jumping ability, and all that stuff. We'll put them through some NBA type drills, NBA situations. Maybe give them something new that they haven't been exposed to, to see how they adjust to it and grasp it. And then we have some competition. That's something that you can control here that maybe at another group out you don't see it as much. We can do it here."

"We like some players in this draft," said Bratz. "And we hope one of them is going to be available at [No.] 27."

"[Ledo's] a talented scorer and a terrific athlete," said Bratz. "At the wing position, that's who you are going to be facing on a nightly basis in the NBA. You have to be a good athlete and you have to be able to shoot the ball and he can do that."

Nate Timmons: We're on MTV Cribs and we open your refrigerator – what's inside?

Ricky Ledo: You'd find a lot of fruit like grapes, strawberries, watermelon – you'd find a lot of fruit and Gatorade. As far as actual food … frozen foods like waffles, TV dinners – I can't cook yet. (laughs)

NT: How about on a cheat day? What would we find you pigging out on?

RL: French Toast, that's my favorite or a big steak. I'm a big steak guy.

NT: You're on the brink of making the NBA, once you're established what would you rather have – a shoe deal, your own videogame, or your own restaurant?

RL: I would say a shoe deal. It would save money on getting game shoes and things like that.

NT: Did you have a chance to see any of the city yet?

RL: I just got in last night around seven or eight O'clock. I just slept and watched movies in the hotel room and then we came here this morning, so I haven't really got to see anything, but this is a nice facility.

NT: What do you know about Denver? Have you ever been here before?

RL: I've never been here. I know you don't have that many trees here (laughs), not compared to where I grew up back East. When you come in you see a lot of flat-lands and you're like, "Where is everything at?"

NT: Where the airport is here, there is nothing. If you go up near the mountains – you'll find the trees!

NT: What's something about you that people may not know?

RL: I just like to have fun and I like to draw.

NT: You have a few tattoos – have you drawn up anything that you got tattooed on you?

RL: No, I basically just come up with the ideas I want, but they're all sentimental to me.

NT: Where do you plan on watching the NBA Draft and who will you be watching it with?

RL: I'm not sure yet.

NT: Keeping your options open?

RL: Yes!

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