Reggie Bullock is a sweet shooting, tough defender out of North Carolina. He was a three year player under Roy Williams and he studied Communications at UNC. One thing I was interested to see is if Bullock kept his Mohawk – he did! He’s pretty active on Twitter (@ReggieBullock35) and I was excited to get a chance to speak with a prospect that is growing in popularity around Nuggets Nation.

The Nuggets would be intrigued by Bullock because of his all-around game. For now, his best attributes might be his outside shooting and his defense and Nuggets' scout Mike Bratz is impressed with the shooting guard's size (6'7" in shoes and 200 lbs).

"Reggie's a terrific, terrific player," said Bratz. "Good shooter, great size for a two-man, played in an outstanding program and he has been well coached, and a good athlete. He's one of the guys, we have some of those types of guys on the team right now, but you always want to look to improve yourself and take another look at a guy like Reggie. He's one of the best shooters in the draft."

So with that – let's hear from the man himself in an Q&A style interview:

Nate Timmons: Fans have asked (Mario Vetanze of the Sports Pyramid) that maybe you could tank some of your other workouts to insure that you are around when the Nuggets pick at No. 27.

Reggie Bullock: (Laughs) "If [I wind up] being a Nugget, it's obviously meant to be. I'm just trying to work my best to bring whatever I can to the organization: my shooting ability, spreading the floor, rebounding, and defense."

NT: You were born in Baltimore, Maryland? How long did you live there?

RB: I only lived there for like three years. Then I moved to North Carolina with my family, basically lived there my whole life.

NT: Another guy that moved to North Carolina (from Chicago) was Quincy Miller, with the Nuggets, do you know him at all or any other Nuggets players?

RB: Well, obviously, Ty Lawson – I know him. Quincy, I’m cool with him – we’ve texted a few times. So, I know some of the guys on the team.

NT: Have you had a chance to talk with George Karl?

RB: No, I've seen him at some of our [North Carolina] practices this year. I know he's a UNC alumni, it would be special if I were able to connect with him, get to talk with him a lot more, but I haven't got to talk to him much.

NT: Where did you grow up playing basketball in Kinston, North Carolina?

RB: I grew up, I played my high school ball at Kinston High School, at Holloway Rec Center. So, I played a lot of basketball there and I played for Chris Paul's AAU team: CP3. It was good.

NT: You were at North Carolina for three years and got to dig into your Communications study – what would you like to or what did you plan on doing with that?

RB: I just want to be able to stay around the sports world. Be a sports analyst or possibly do stuff like you're doing right now. I just want to stay around the sports world.

NT: In that vein… If you were trapped on a desert island – would you rather be stuck with Shaquille O'Neal or Charles Barkley? And why?

RB: I would probably choose Shaquille O'Neal. If I were trapped on an island, obviously he could help protect me because he's so big. I think he's a great guy and one of the most dominant players to ever play the game – so I could learn a lot from him. There's probably no basketball goals on the island, but I could learn a lot about his personality, learn a lot about him, and he'd be there to protect me too.

NT: Let's say we're on MTV Cribs and we open up your refrigerator – what would we find in there?

RB: My refrigerator? (laughs) I eat a lot of sandwiches – you'd see jelly, you'd see Gatorades … I'm not a big time cook.

NT: So perhaps some leftovers or doggie bags?

RB: Yes, definitely leftovers from my family coming in to help me cook. You'd definitely see a lot of leftovers and quick snack foods.

NT: You're on the brink of being in the NBA, once you're established what would you rather have? A shoe deal? Your own videogame? Or your own restaurant?

RB: I think I'd go with the shoe deal. I'm not a sneaker head, I wouldn't say, but I try to get all the [right ones].

NT: You got to Denver yesterday? Has it all been basketball or did you get a chance to see the city at all?

RB: I walked 16th Street Mall. I went to Soul St. Shoes, but it was a little hot outside so I just walked there and then back to my room.

NT: Is there something about you that you'd like people to know?

RB: I know every book in the Bible.

NT: Where will you watch the NBA draft and who will you watch it with?

RB: I'm going to be back in Kinston. I'm going to watch it with my family. I think it's special for my family members to be there with me and to hear my name called on that special night.

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