Mike Muscala is a big seven-footer (6'11.5" in shoes) looking to add a little bulk to his 230 pound frame. He's a very diverse offensive player and has shown remarkable range during his draft workouts.

From Draft Express:

His excellent size and length are clear positives for him from an NBA perspective, but he's done a great job of developing his frame to become less of a liability in the strength department, even if there's still plenty more work to be done. His frame still appears like it can handle quite a bit more weight, and he should benefit greatly transitioning to a NBA strength training regimen.

Nuggets scout Mike Bratz was not concerned about Muscala’s weight and was actually optimistic that Muscala could added a lot of strength with the aide of NBA trainers. Bratz also noted that Muscala has excellent footwork and that’s something that assistant coach Melvin Hunt noted to me about seeing Evan Fournier play before the Nuggets drafted him.

Muscala can score in the post with either hand, finish above the rim, is a good athlete, and like I noted above – he can stretch all the way out to the three-point line with his shot. At the Pepsi Center today, the Nuggets had Muscala and Colton Iverson, out of Colorado State, shooting some three-pointers toward the end of the workout.

That's Muscala the player, let's find out a bit more about him – a note: Muscala has a great sense of humor and was a pleasure to chat with and studying up on him a bit seemed to pay off (like it always does).

Nate Timmons: So, you're a golfer?

Mike Muscala: I am. When I have free time I try to get out there.

NT: Do you walk the golf course or ride in a cart?

MM: Definitely take the cart – I gotta save the legs.

NT: Walking with the bag should help build the legs right?

MM: With all the workouts I'm doing, I don't need to be walking anymore.

NT: What type of exercise do you like to do that isn't so typical?

MM: I like to swim a lot, I think that's a good cardio workout.

NT: Would you rather watch a Will Ferrell movie or a Vin Diesel movie?

MM: Those are my two favorite actors! Both, in the same movie. That wouldn't really work. Probably Will Ferrell as that last Vin Diesel movie, Fast and Furious 6 – in my opinion and I'm a huge Fast and Furious fan – I thought it was awful.

NT: Really? I liked Fast and Furious 6!

MM: I know, I thought it was just ridiculous it was so unbelievable.

NT: Out of the six, which one was your favorite?

MM: I thought Fast 5 was really good, I liked the first one too.

NT: What are your thoughts on Tokyo Drift, it's sort of the series outlier.

MM: It's probably like the second worst one. Just because of Bow Wow.

(On a personal note – it hurt to hear Muscala's poor rating of Tokyo Drift … an underrated film!)

NT: We're on MTV Cribs – what would we find in your refrigerator?

MM: You'd find a lot of stuff, I like to cook, so you'd find yogurt, chicken, stuff for salads, and Muscle Milk for post workouts.

NT: That's all the good healthy stuff, what would we find you eating on a cheat day?

MM: Maybe some french fries or a hamburger. I eat healthy so much, I used to eat a lot of fast food, but this past year I've been eating healthy.

NT: You're on the bring of making the NBA, once you get established would you rather have a shoe deal, your own videogame, or own your own restaurant?

MM: Probably a restaurant, I think that'd be really cool. I don't know … I feel like there's a lot of stress in opening a restaurant. It'd probably be a lot of time to design it and stuff, so probably a shoe deal. A restaurant would be cool down the road.

NT: Well, if you did go with a restaurant – what kind of food would you serve?

MM: Mexican for sure, it's my favorite food.

NT: If you wind up in Denver we have great Mexican food. Have you seen the city of Denver at all?

MM: I've walked around, there is some sort of Comic Con thing going on? It seems like everybody is dressed up, I noticed that. Just been walking around and hanging out.

NT: Have you been to Colorado before?

MM: I have, when I was a kid I actually went snowboarding here when I was 10 or 12 [years old].

NT: Do you still get to snowboard at all or do you stay away from that?

MM: A six-eleven guy on a snowboard, probably not a good look.

NT: Where do you plan on watching the NBA draft and who do you plan on watching it with?

MM: Probably at home with my friends and family.

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