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Off Topic Tuesday: Ranking anything and everything

Can Gallo out-play Anderson this season?
Can Gallo out-play Anderson this season?

I have always found the college football preseason rankings to be one of the most bizarre things in sports. That was until this season when I started following ESPN's NBA player rankings. We're now living in a world where one of the biggest media outlets ranks Ryan Anderson (50) ahead of Danilo Gallinari (54) and it's not based on what the guys are going to be capable of doing, but rather how things shook out last season. I guess you have to base things off of something and in our own player rankings on Denver Stiffs, I did the same thing! Hypocrisy at its best!

I also rank the movie Stick It! among my top sports movies ... so what do I know? I know Anderson won't be getting nearly as many open looks this season without Dwight Howard drawing all the attention in the paint ...