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Q&A: Does Iguodala move put Nuggets in top-4 out West?

Is that Rudy Fernandez covering Iguodala?
Is that Rudy Fernandez covering Iguodala?

Check out my Q&A with Mike Prada of SB here: click here.

The questions:

  1. The Nuggets have now traded Nene and Arron Afflalo, the two 2011 free agents that seemed most important to keep. Do you see it as an admission they overpaid or as a set of trades that upgraded the roster?

  2. How do you feel Iguodala fits with a George Karl style team?

  3. Did the ceiling of the Nuggets get higher with the offseason that Denver had? Are the Nuggets, in your mind, a reasonable pick for a top-4 seed in the West?