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Open thread Sunday

WIth the Nuggets waiting to play the Toronto Raptors on Monday night, here is a space to discuss anything and everything thing (within reason) that has to do with the NBA and maybe even the NFL if you are following the Broncos today.

One handed shot put by Jordan Hamilton
One handed shot put by Jordan Hamilton

In that spirit, here is a link to a radio interview I did with Adam Kinney and D in Denver on Mile High Sports radio. I apparently say some controversial things. Click on "segment 3" of their audio player on the date 12-01. Listen here

Also there is a link to an article by Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post about Andre Iguodala, and the inspiration he takes from Scottie Pippen. Well worth a read. You can follow the link here.

Here is a fan post by Patrick KB Nugget about the unfairness of scheduling relative to time-zones and it's well worth a read by the Stiffs community. I will be following up with my own thoughts later this week.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday. If you find Nuggets related links and want to post them below ... please provide link and limit copy/paste to a quote. There may be something obscure that is worth reading by the Stiffs community and by all means give everyone a heads up.

Update: Nate joined Peter Sherwill on the 5280 Hoops Show talking Nuggets and much more.


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