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Podcast: Gallinari, Iguodala, Faried carrying Nuggets

The NBA is full of Big-3s and this Nuggets team is searching for their alpha dogs. Kenneth Faried is out to prove he's much more than an energy player as the season unfolds.

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Christian Petersen

It's still very early in the NBA season (just eight games in for the Nuggets!), so what can you learn about a team in just a the first week or two? Nuggets fans are seeing some guys step up and some guys trying to step up as the squad in still figuring out their identity.

Identity is a funny thing in the NBA. All teams find theirs as the season progresses; some already have them. What is going to be the Nuggets' identity? Who is going to lead them in whatever direction they are going to take? And just how brutal is this Western Conference?

Check out the Colorado Sports Guys episode 75 with Jeff Morton to find out ... or to at least hear three guys ramble on about the Nuggets!

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