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Battle of the GIFs on Denver Stiffs

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Nuggets Nation on Denver Stiffs loves their GIFs - let's see what you got!

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

After a big Nuggets win we often see a variety of Graphics Interchange Formats aka GIFs. I don't totally understand how they rose to popularity or how to even make them, but I do find plenty of them funny. We've had a variety of running GIF themes on Denver Stiffs ... Jason Terry's shocked face and the plethora of Chris Bosh GIFs come to mind.

The following Chris Bosh GIF has to be my favorite one. He not only appears out of nowhere to surprise whoever is watching on TV, but he also gets his teammate to crack a smile. Is there anything better than a Chris Bosh GIF?


Let's see what you can come up with? Go GIF crazy ...

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