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Golden Nuggets: Denver goes to 3-0, how to beat small ball

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The Nuggets defeated the Warriors in their first preseason game at the Pepsi Center.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

For the third time this preseason, the Nuggets came out victorious - defeating the Golden State Warriors 104-98. The Nuggets were led by Danilo Gallinari's 18 points (6-12 shooting), Kosta Koufos' 13 rebounds (8 offensive), and Andre Iguodala's 7 assists.

If you're keeping tabs on the center position, for the third game in a row we saw a different starter. Timofey Mozgov got his chance to start in the middle tonight and responded with 10 points and 6 rebounds in 16 minutes of action. JaVale McGee played 19 minutes and scored 9 points and just 4-12 shooting. McGee also grabbed 4 rebounds (3 offensive) and 1 block, but committed 4 turnovers on the night. Koufos played just 16 minutes and put up 6 points and the previously mentioned team-high 13 rebounds.

Jordan Hamilton had a strong night in just 18 minutes of action - scoring 11 points on 4-9 shooting (3-6 from deep). Gallo (2-7) and Iguodala (1-6) combined to shoot 3-13 from downtown. Gallo's long distance shooting has looked pretty good in the preseason; while Iguodala has had a little bit of an issue connecting from the outside. Hamilton could easily make a role for himself as a sharp-shooter this season and expand his game/role from there.

After not getting any playing time against the Spurs, Anthony Randolph was back in action tonight. He played 13 minutes and scored 7 points (3-8 shooting) and grabbed 6 rebounds (1 offensive). Randolph is very comfortable playing on the perimeter and he's a nice mix to Kenneth Faried's inside game, but he's got to get inside and mix it up a little more. He has an aggressive side to him and might play a little better with some fire in him. I continue to be, like many others before me, enamored with Randolph's physical tools ... will be fun to see how he develops in Denver.

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