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Ticket deals for the Nuggets mini-homestand...

Go see Ty Lawson and the Nuggets this weekend!
Go see Ty Lawson and the Nuggets this weekend!

Hey Stiffs, the Nuggets return home this Friday to face the Toronto Raptors on Jan. 27th and then the Clippers on Jan. 29th for a mini two-game homestand. Our partners at TiqIQ have some great deal on seats, if you want to catch a game on the cheap! Check it out ...

-Nuggets season average home game ticket price is $95

- Jan 27 vs Raptors: $80 average price of available tickets, get in for $11! Jeff, Andy, and Nate will all be at this game with our six lucky ticket winners from Stiffs Night Out! Come say hello!

- Jan 29 vs Clippers: $113 average price, get in for $20!

All the best deals and comparisons on Nuggets tickets can be found within, here: