Matt Steinmetz, of, is reporting that Andre Miller didn’t received $9 million from the Nuggets over three years, but rather $14.6 million for three years. This is the first of the numbers that I’ve seen reported about ‘Dre’s contract and it was re-tweeted by respectable web writer Alex Kennedy. No word yet on if the last year is a team option or not.

If we average out that deal, Andre will make roughly $4.86 million each year. It was reported that he was seeking a new deal in the $3 million per year range. The $1.86 million above that $3 million number isn't an outrageous one, but it does push the Nuggets closer to the salary cap that is set for the 2012-13 season at $58.04 million.

As of now, I have the Nuggets at $55.36 million with Andre ($4.86M – perhaps) and Evan Fournier ($1.1M) included. The Nuggets still have cap-holds of JaVale McGee ($6.1M) and get this … Wesley Person ($854,389). Denver still has yet to sign McGee or second-round pick Quincy Miller.

Contract numbers based on cap hit numbers.