Former Vanderbilt guard John Jenkins took some time after his workout with the team to answer some questions from me. It was Jenkins’ second workout with the Nuggets and

Nate: Let’s say you wind up in Denver. There are a lot of different things here – Red Rocks Amphitheatre, skiing, snowboarding, comedy shows … what could your fans expect to find you doing on an off night in Denver?

John: Definitely not snowboarding or skiing. I’m from the South, so we don’t have any of that. Besides being in the gym, or going to see a movie, I could maybe seeing myself going to see a theatre play. You never know, maybe venture out a little bit. I’m from Tennessee, we don’t have too much of that stuff, but I want to experience everything I haven’t done, at least once.

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Nate: Of course, we have a Tennessee player on the team – Corey Brewer.

John: Yes, he’s one of my best friends. He’s a big reason why I’m at where I am today. He’s lived about 20 minutes away from me, he went to Florida, then he came back from Florida and I met him when I was in middle school. He has helped me out a lot.

Nate: What kind of advice has he (Brewer) given you?

John: I talked to him before I came here; this is my second time here. He said to go out there and basically do the same thing you did. That’s what I did, but I gave a lot more energy this time.

Nate: You mentioned you like to go see movies, so growing up what was your favorite TV show or a favorite movie?

John: I used to carry around a Batman backpack last summer, so I liked Batman and (Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtles growing up. Now I’m into action movies and comedy movies.

Nate: So are you going to check out that new Batman movie when it comes out? (The Dark Knight Rises)

John: It is definitely something I’m going to check out.

Nate: Are you familiar with MTV Cribs? Let’s say we open up your refrigerator and pantry, what could we expect to find?

John: I’ve seen it a couple times. Well, when I was in college you’d probably see a lot of pizza, hamburgers, and all that stuff. Now, I’m trying to eat healthy. You’d probably see a lot of water and Gatorade, vegetables, fruits – stuff I don’t want to eat, but I have to. There is nothing fattening at all, no cookies or anything, but probably some Cliff bars. I’m living a very healthy lifestyle right now.

Nate: Do you have a certain number you want to wear in the NBA?

John: I can’t wear No. 23 I don’t think, I don’t know if anyone has that here (Denver). It doesn’t matter, as long as I’m on an NBA roster. I’ll wear No. 0 or No. 99 if I have to, I’ll wear any number as long as I’m on an NBA roster.

Nate: Where do you plan on watching the NBA Draft and who do you plan on watching it with?

John: Just my family. After the draft I might hang out with some of my friends, but during the draft I’m going to be a nervous wreck. I don’t want to see anybody but my family during that time. Probably be at a hotel in downtown Nashville and watching it with my family.

There is definitely a pattern to the players the Nuggets are bringing in. Very smart young men have been gracing the Pepsi Center and showing off what they can do to the Nuggets' brass. Jenkins showed off his silky smooth jumper, his ability to handle the ball, and a very nice floater that NBA guards must possess.

Mock drafts have Jenkins as a second-round pick. NBA has Jenkins going No. 32 to the Washington Wizards. The Nuggets have looked at the 6’4” guard (he’s definitely 6’4”) a couple times now, but would likely have to trade up a little bit to secure him. Jenkins was asked if he could see himself playing a little point guard and he didn’t have any problem seeing himself as a combo guard and said he can handle the ball well. The Nuggets’ system doesn’t particularly call for a “shooting guard” or “small forward” as George Karl is able to mix-and-match lineups with his depth, so Jenkins would fit in nicely with the Nuggets’ Ty Lawson or Arron Afflalo in the back-court.

The question that remains … will Jenkins be available when the Nuggets are selecting in the second-round at pick No. 38 or will the team have to trade up to get him?

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