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NBA Blog Previews: Pacific Division

Marching on with our coverage of team previews, thanks to Jeff Clark and the rest of the folks at CelticsBlog, we have the Pacific Division previews after the jump. The Lakers are loaded and ready to defend their title, can anyone in the division stop them? Get to reading!

Pacific Division:

ClippersClips Nation | SBNation Recap

KingsSactown Royalty | Cowbell Kingdom | SBNation Recap

LakersSilver Screen and Roll | Forum Blue & Gold | NBAtipoff | SBNation Recap

SunsBright Side Of The Sun | SB Nation Arizona | ValleyoftheSuns SBNation Recap

WarriorsGolden State of Mind | SBNation Recap

Recaps: All Previews

(Tardy) Knicks Preview: Straight Bangin'



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