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Golden Nuggets: "[Melo] still wants to be traded"...

The Nuggets are quietly having a good preseason, but the Carmelo Anthony story isn't going away anytime soon.

Carmelo Anthony still wants to be traded - The Denver Post 
Say what you want about the East Coast media who makes things up, but the Post's Benjamin Hochman doesn't report a story unless he has a good source to back it up.  And Hochman's source is telling him that Melo still wants out of Denver.

Anthony staying patient – for now - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Marc Spears reports that Carmelo Anthony is preparing to open the season with the Nuggets. Whether he finishes it remains to be seen.

Larry Brown: Allen Iverson Deserves Better Than Finishing Career in Turkey -- NBA FanHouse 
Allen Iverson's former coach - Larry Brown - comments on "The Answers" likely departure to Turkey.  Last I checked the Bobcats don't exactly have a roster loaded with talent.

Nuggets' lack of sacrifice hurting potential Melo trade - NBA - Basketball
The Nuggets are playing a high-stakes game. While Denver continues to try dealing Carmelo Anthony, its asking price is scaring off trade partners, Ken Berger reports.

N.B.A. Cracks Down on Responses to Foul Calls -
The N.B.A. has begun enforcing a new rule to crack down on the contentiousness that accompanies many foul calls...this will cost the Nuggets five games this season.

Newcomer on staff big hit with Nuggets players - The Denver Post 
Hochman profiles Melvin Hunt, the Nuggets new assistant coach.  Having seen Hunt in action up-close when he was with the Cavaliers last season, I can assure you that he's a good hire.

Denver Nuggets hire Pete D’Alessandro as front-office advisor | All Things Nuggets
While the Denver Nuggets look into trading Carmelo Anthony, the team has hired a new member to its front office.

NUGGETS: Forbes working hard to improve basketball fortune 
Aaron Lopez profiles Gary Forbes as he tries to make the team.