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Golden Nuggets (links)...

A glance at what others are saying about the Nuggets this week.  Not surprisingly, there's a lot of chatter about losses to sub-.500 teams and the Nuggets need to acquire a big man...

It's the Non-Elite Teams the Nuggets Worry About -- NBA FanHouse - Chris Tomasson digs deep into the Nuggets problems against sub-.500 teams, pointing out that the Nuggets are 3-0 against the NBA's "final four" from last season.


Hochman: Not playing hard Nugs' bad habit - The Denver Post - Benjamin Hochman briefly discusses the same issue.




Krieger: Nuggets need one last piece - The Denver Post - Dave Krieger continues to advocate for the Nuggets need to pick up another post player, citing the usual suspects: Jeff Foster and Brendan Haywood


Grading The First 30: Nuggets - Basketball News & NBA Rumors - HoopsWorld's Travis Heath gives the Nuggets a B-minus grade for their first 30 games.  Considering the Nuggets are on pace to win 53 games, I think this is a bit off (I'd go B-plus).


Smith trying to regain his touch - The Denver Post - Hochman chats with J.R. Smith about his inconsistent shooting touch.


Actress Vazquez talks of summer wedding with 'Melo - NBA - Yahoo! Sports - Is Carmelo Anthony finally getting engaged?  The press says yes, but Melo was being awfully coy about it on NBATV last night.


Los Angeles Lakers have real challengers in Western Conference - ESPN - Nate already wrote about this link, but I thought I'd include it again.  From ESPN, Hollinger and Stein comment on the Nuggets possibly acquiring Foster or Haywood.