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Game 3 THREAD: Nuggets vs. Lakers

Series: Nuggets 1 - Lakers 1

Tipoff: 6:30 p.m. Mountain (ABC)

After watching LeBron James sink the game winner for Cleveland last night with just 1 second left in the game, we can look back and say that the last four conference finals games have been just ridiculously awesome.

Game 1 WCF ... decided by 2 points.

Game 1 ECF ... decided by 1 point.

Game 2 WCF ... decided by 3 points.

Game 2 ECF ... decided by 1 point.

I'll be in attendance tonight at the Pepsi Center and I can't wait to have my hearing damaged beyond repair as I await the home crowd. This will be the first Western Conference Finals game played in Denver since 1985 ... get ready.