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Golden Nuggets (Links)

Since we're in-between games, here are some links that we thought Nuggets fans might appreciate checking out...

-Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears (formerly of The Denver Post) writes in length about Nuggets coach George Karl's contract extension situation.  According to Spears, Karl turned down a one-year extension over the summer.'s Arash Markazi writes about Karl, Roy Williams and the Nuggets organization's affection for rookie Ty Lawson.'s TrueHoop takes an in-depth look into former NBA referee Tim Donaghy's various claims and attempts to debunk many of them, notably current NBA referee Joey Crawford's alleged preferential treatment towards former Nugget Allen Iverson.'s Ken Berger (who wrote a nice piece the other day on Donaghy's allegations in regards to the Allen Iverson/Utah game discussed on "60 Minutes") serves up commentary on A.I. passing over a contender to go back to the lowly 76ers.

-BasetBawful takes a shot at the Nuggets record, claiming we've had an easy schedule thus far.