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2007-2008 Year in Review - The Links

Before we get to the offseason analysis here are some links to put the Nuggets season into a nutshell.  Some of these articles predate Pickaxe and Roll so many of you have probably not been exposed to them. 


Contenders? That is a First for Me   


The Original Sticky Fingers Study 


Can We Draw Conclusions From Five Games?


Reassessing the Sticky Fingers Study – Is Passing Really Helpful?


Game 18:  Denver Nuggets 115 – Miami Heat 89 (Very little here about the actual game.  I included this post because I projected the Nuggets to at best win 50 games this season in the other observations section)


An Open Letter to More Optimistic Nuggets Fans Than Me


Do Not Read This Post Standing Up


Fire (Up) Karl


Chaos in the Wild, Wild West


Karl’s Thoughts on Nene


Nene’s Tumor is Benign!


Staying Up All Night Thinking of George


Today is All-Star Thursday for Melo and AI



I’ll Have a Miller


Post All-Star Break Outlook


Getting Past the (Trade) Deadline


The Story of Bad Losses


Nene to Return Thursday?


A Beginning or an Ending?   (Post prior to the April game at Golden State)


Drunk Driving and Carmelo Anthony’s Reputation


The Frustration of a Season Without a Silver Lining


There you have the Nuggets season in a neat little, or not so little, package.