Box Score

The Nuggets took care of business tonight as they thumped a Clipper team that apparently is not very good if they do not have Baron Davis and Marcus Camby.

I listened to the first and fourth quarters and even though I did not see any of the action I feel comfortable making the following observations.

I am trying to decide if I should be worried about AI. He played 32 minutes and shot 1-8, which is not good and he had a stretch in the second half where he turned the ball over like he was grilling a chicken breast. On the other hand, he made off with six steals and if he were not healthy, I doubt that would have been possible. He should be able to practice over the next few days and hopefully pull a Stella and get his groove back.

For most of the first quarter the Nuggets seemed to be running their offense through Nene. The first pass was typically an entry pass to Nene in the post and he was aggressive with the ball. The result was eight first quarter free throws for the Nugget starting center. I have said it before and I will say it again. The NBA, or at least fans and media members, have forgotten what Nene is capable of. He is going to turn heads.

Radio announcer Jason Kosmicki said twice during the first quarter that the Nuggets were playing great D. I need to see it before I believe it, but you know Koz was not just making it up. The best moment was when an errant pass went into the crowd and Koz said that the ball hit a lady in an “ugly black dress.” I guess I would be the guy in the stained undershirt.

The Birdman had eight boards in the first half. He finished the game with 15 including eight offensive boards. Do not forget the four blocks he thumped either. Andersen seems like an all or nothing type player. He either pulls down three to five boards or ten plus.

Funny stat of the night: eight of the ten Clippers to play in the first half had at least two fouls at the half. Al Thornton had four.

The Clippers continued to double Melo all night as they have been wont to do. They were able to contain him pretty well and his streak of posting nice assist totals ended with a big fat goose egg tonight. The thing to keep in mind is on many occasions the player who passes the ball out of a double team is not the player who ends up with the assist. He might have had a nice passing night, then again he might not have, just one more thing we cannot be sure of without video.

With that the preseason is over and we have exited the no TV zone. From now on we will have video and can verify with our own eyes what is going down. The only bad part is no more Nuggets games until next Wednesday. However, do not let your visage become downcast Nuggets fans, keep coming back to Pickaxe and Roll as I hope to break out some good stuff for you as we approach opening night.

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