Box Score

I better post something about the Nuggets presence in game three against the Lakers on Saturday.

Yes, I said presence. That was not a performance or an effort. All I saw was a group of males similarly dressed in white shorts and tank tops taking turns getting abused by the Lakers.

I am not charting passes or determining defensive efficiencies based on the type of defense for the flaming pile of excrement that was game three. No team this talented with any semblance of heart would come home and get embarrassed like that at home if they had any heart.

The one thing I will say is the Nuggets first possession was great. Melo got the ball in the post, he was doubled and Camby dove through the lane. Melo hit Camby with a pass, Odom came over to help and Camby hit Martin for a dunk. You would think they would have recognized how amazingly simple that was and try it again. Maybe they would even see what happens if they would pass on every possession like that. Of course, nothing like that happened. It was easy to remember because there was not another possession like it for the rest of the game.

This team has become almost impossible to root for. Forrest Gump’s IQ dwarfs their basketball IQ and keep in mind Forrest was so dumb his mom had to defile herself with the principal just to get him in the school for “normal” kids. I hate to think of a comparable situation for how George Karl got these guys in the playoffs.

At this point I actually want the Nuggets to lose game four because I just cannot take watching these guys for two more games.

Please LA, put us out of our misery.