Game Notes

The Memphis Grizzlies come to the Pepsi Center tonight with a young exciting team. They have a roster built to run, but so far have not been running and gunning with a pace factor in the middle of the pack. Likewise the Nuggets have played at a slower pace this season, yet they are still second in the league only behind Mike D’Antoni’s New York Knicks.

Will tonight be the night both teams end up running like the wind?

The Grizzlies are a surprising 3-3 to start off the season and they have been getting very good play from rookies O.J. Mayo and Marc Gasol as well as the always spectacular Rudy Gay. However, the Grizz are only 1-3 so far on the road and you would expect a veteran Nugget team to have little problem with them.

The Nuggets have not lost the season series to the Grizzlies since 1997-98 far enough back that fans in Vancouver thought they would have a team forever. The Nuggets have treated the Grizz like fresh fish in cell block D. winning 19 of the last 20 meetings in Denver.

Hopefully the Nuggets will give the Grizzlies more of the same treatment tonight. Make sure you check out 3 Shades of Blue to get some blogging Memphis style.