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Due to the family festivities of New Years’ Eve and New Years Day I still have not seen all of the Denver Nuggets game at Toronto. I did see most of the second half though and what I will say is both teams played hard and the game was very physical. The Nuggets have always been capable of playing physical against some teams, the Spurs in particular, but they tend to get pushed around from time to time by teams they are not as motivated to play rough with. Last night Denver met and exceeded the physical play by Toronto. There are some nights where the officials allow a physical game based on the way they call it and the team that responds best is typically the team that will win. The Nuggets responded and won the game, resulting in George Karl’s 900th career win as an NBA head coach.

Regardless of how you feel about Karl, that is an impressive accomplishment so congratulations to Coach Karl.

Since I have not seen all of the game I will direct you to the recap by Ryan McNeil over at Hoops Addict who was an important member of the media throng at the game.

Razzle Dazzle Game Stats

Pace Factor – 91.7

Def Efficiency – 116.7 – I will say in the second half from what I saw the Nuggets defense was pretty solid. Toronto hit some good shots. However, after yet another sky high defensive efficiency rating the Nuggets now are statistically worse with Chauncey Billups in the lineup than they were before he joined the team.

Offensive Efficiency – 124.4

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