Let’s all hope that BeefySwats ends up prophetic. He projected that the Denver Nuggets would start off this six game stretch 1-3 and then sweep the Trail Blazers. We are one game away from that happening, but the Nuggets will have their work cut out for them.

Portland is going to be out for blood after losing a game they feel like they let get away from them. You can especially expect Brandon Roy to play much better tonight.

On the Nuggets side of the ball I am not sure any of their key players are going to be able to raise their game any higher than they played last night. Maybe Chauncey heats up and drains a couple of threes that he barely missed last night or J.R. has a huge quarter.

However, the beauty of how the Nuggets have increased their defensive intensity and focus is that they can win ugly this season. As long as they can play good or better defense they will be in this game.

I expect to see Portland jump out of the gate quickly and capture a lead in the first quarter. The Nuggets will come back in the second and we will have a see saw second half. And maybe, just maybe with the Nuggets short handed and playing their third back to back set of games in nine nights we will have a Renaldo Balkman sighting. I am starting to feel like Balkman is some kind of mythical creature like the Griffin or Minotaur.

Denver Nuggets Game Notes

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