Yes, I know this is a basketball blog. Yes, I know you want to read about the Nuggets. But why not have some NFL fun along the way? To tie in the basketball aspect … we’ll be giving away a Denver Nuggets themed surprise prize when it’s all said and done to the winner. Click through for rules and more blabbing from me …



Every year I set up an NFL Pick 'Em challenge for my buddies and figured we could create a pretty fun game here at Denver Stiffs with a bunch of Nuggets fans. I pretty much took the hint from my buddy Erick that called me out saying he wanted to play against more people and figured I could get a few more than 10 guys through Denver Stiffs to do this. So, it's up to you all to get this numbers game going.

Since most of us are also football fans or even if you hate football … this will give you a chance to win something … which is always fun. Plus you can say to your friends, "I wont the Denver Stiffs NFL Pick'Em challenge." And they may say back to you, "What is Denver Stiffs?" And you can plug us! And then they'll ask why a basketball blog did an NFL Pick'Em challenge and then you have a reason to punch your buddy/co-worker/enemy …

What will you win? Luckily, we have some time to come up with something … roughly 17 weeks!

The League is set up on Yahoo! … follow these "simple" steps to get yourself registered and then you can see if you know more week-to-week than your fellow Nuggets fans and bloggers.

Follow this link: Yahoo! Sports: Pro Football Pick'Em

  1. Enter the Group ID#: 39370
  2. Enter the Password: nuggets (all lower case)
  3. If you do not have a Yahoo! account you will be prompted to create one or if you do just login (takes one minute)
  4. Wala … you are now part of the Denver Stiffs Pick'Em League
  5. Make your picks for Week 1 … NFL season kicks off September 10th in Pittsburgh as the Steelers take on the Tennessee Titans.

UPDATE!!!!!!!!! Denver Stiffs 2

It looks like we've filled up the first group … I've created another one! Denver Stiffs 2

Follow this link right here to sign up.

  1. Group ID: 42280
  2. Password: denver




  • You'll be picking against the spread … just to make things a bit more difficult. This means if the Broncos are 6.5 point favorites (ha!) against the Chargers then they must win by at least 7 points if you pick the Broncos to win the game and if you pick the Chargers then they win or lose by less than 6 points.
  • We will be using each weeks score to determine the winner … so don't miss any weeks or you'll get the 0 that comes with it!
  • Picks can be made 5 minutes before each game. But I recommend making them all towards the end of the week … like Friday afternoon or Saturday if you must with injury reports and such. But remember Week 1 starts Thursday Sept. 10th so make your picks ASAP!

Just like in every league … there can be only one true winner aka second place is the first loser. Bring your A-game and it'd be best if you were a Nuggets fan for this challenge because the prize will be Denver Nuggets themed.

Any problems or questions … email me at [email protected] or leave them in the comments section here.


See … even the Nuggets like football!





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