The Denver Nuggets have a long way to go to convince me I should take them seriously at all the rest of the season.  

Tonight the Detroit Pistons visit the Nuggets fresh off a THIRTY POINT WIN IN PHOENIX.  That is not a 23 point second quarter lead in Milwaukee, that is a THIRY POINT WIN IN PHOENIX.

The Nuggets have to hope that Detroit rolls into town with a little bit of the Frick yea, we are the Detroit Pistons attitude that the Nuggets have made famous.  However, I would not count on Detroit taking any games lightly as they are now within two games of Boston for the best record in all of the NBA.  You guys remember how awesome Boston is right?  Boston has been the story of the season so far.  Well, Detroit is in position to surpass them if Boston does not get their act together.

How does Detroit match up with the Nuggets?  Well, let’s just say that Carmelo has not led the Nuggets in scoring in any of the previous five meetings so they know how to defend him.  

If you are looking for good news, it sounds like Kleiza is going to play tonight after sitting out the Milwaukee game with a sprained ankle he suffered making the very difficult maneuver of changing directions all by himself on the baseline.

I am sure we will see a spirited effort from the Nuggets at home just as we did when they played Boston.  The Nuggets may very well win tonight, but even if they do we have already learned more about them from the Chicago and Milwaukee games than we can from a victory tonight.

The crawl back to respectability is a long one.