The emergence of rookie guard Jamal Murray has been one of the highlights of the young season thus far. Through 17 games Murray is averaging 10.5 points per game while shooting a hot 42.3 percent from three, and is quickly making a name for himself. In the past week alone he dropped three consecutive 20 point games, including a career high 24 in a win against the Chicago Bulls last Tuesday.

Nuggets fans everywhere know that Murray is a talented scorer and that he has an extremely bright NBA career ahead of him (hopefully entirely in a Denver uniform).

But did you know that Jamal used to do push-ups in the snow to increase his pain tolerance?

Pain is temporary, and his father wanted to make that known to him. That’s why he’d have Jamal do push-ups in the snow on top of running sprints around the track to improve his speed.

And did you know that he credits Bruce Lee as the biggest influence of his style of play?

While he grew up idolizing Michael Jordan and Vince Carter, he says of Lee, “I would ask my dad to rewind a Bruce Lee scene so we could watch it again in slo-mo.” His dad says, "I wanted to know more about how he got so strong mentally. No matter who was standing in front of him, he was never afraid."

Prior to the draft this past summer, compiled a list of these interesting facts about Murray, which really shed light on who he is and how hard he has worked to get here.

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