George Karl just ruined my night.  Here is a quote from the Denver Post game recap:

"Without Nene, Melo and Chucky, we're kind of in a survival mode, like last year with the suspension," Karl said. "We can't expect to win 75 percent of our games. We just have to figure out what games to go after."

I do not even know where to start.  First of all, missing Melo for a couple of games is nothing like the suspensions last year.  Yes it would be nice if Nene and Atkins were available, but this team has plenty of talent without them.  

Every game counts.  How on earth can you pick and choose which games to "go after?"  Go after every single frickin' game you play George!  The west could very well have nine or even ten teams win 50 or more games this season.  Every game is crucial.

I heard the end of the George Karl show this morning where Karl was saying that it is up to players to motivate themselves because no coach can come up with ways to motivate players before every game of an 82 game season.  

Well, how's this for an idea of how to motivate your players, tell them that they have to scratch and claw for every victory they can earn.  Losing focus or lacking motivation for even one game can mean the difference between a chance at a title or staying home after tax day.  

It continues to amaze me how the Nuggets just assume they will make the playoffs.  They cannot pick and choose which games to go after and think they can beat out teams that go after every game night in and night out like Utah and Portland.  

Between Denver, Utah and Portland one and maybe two of them will be watching the playoffs from home.  If Denver thinks they can pick and choose which games to go after, they will be making tee times and vacation plans on April 17th.

I am so pissed.  How am I supposed to go to sleep now?