I am so glad we are the Denver Freakin' Nuggets.  We are so great!  We have so much talent.  Two starters from the All-Star game, the Defensive Player of the Year, and a number one overall draft choice, we are just amazing.  There has never been such an amazing team in all of basketball history!

Where the frick are we tonight?  Fort Wayne?  Gary?  Chicago?  Oh, Chicago.  They are in so much trouble.  Just wait until we walk out on the floor with all of out talent.  They will probably just run the other way.  

Time to jump it up and the home team actually wants to play?  This is crazy.  They must not realize who we are.  We are the Nuggets, baby!  They are in for such a long night!

These two young big guys are really cute.  They actually think they can rebound and score on us.  We have the reigning Defensive Player of the Year and a number one draft pick!  Who do they think they are?  Well, I guess they want to be able to tell their grandkids that they played against the Denver Nuggets, but who wouldn’t, right?  What an honor tonight must be for them.

Halfway through the second quarter…Melo and AI must have about 40 points by now.  Who else has two All-Star starters like those two?  Being a Nugget is like being a celebrity that other celebrities look up to.  If we were not so talented, we might actually fell some pressure.  

Halftime.  We like halftime.  Who else gets to sit around with such a huge accumulation of talent?  What a great team we Nuggets are.  Life is grand.  I bet the other team is completely demoralized that they have to play an entire other half against us.

Here we go.  Time to crank the big show back up again.  Davenport’s fans must really love the fact that they get to watch us play instead of their sorry little group of scrubs against some other pathetic gaggle of losers.  The NBA had to create League Pass just so people could watch us play every night.  That’s right, the Denver Nuggets are the NBA.  We are so great.

These guys are still making baskets.  How quaint.  They must have just watched Hoosiers or something they way they are trying so hard.  I almost feel guilty beating these guys so badly.  Oh well, that is what happens when these other crappy teams have to play the Denver Nuggets!

Coach is in one of his moods again.  I guess it must be the fourth quarter.  Time to really play the defense even though I am sure we are up by 25 by now.  After all, we are the Denver Nuggets and what team can stand up to us?  We have two All-Star starters!  

This really is a pretty big arena for Fargo or wherever we are.  Just imagine how big it would be if they had us to cheer for every night.  Too bad every town can’t have their own Denver Nuggets, but then we would not be so special.

Wow, we are really playing tough D this fourth quarter and one of those guys who does not even start for the All-Star team is just throwing in threes from everywhere.  Just another reason we are so great, even our sorry little bench guys can put up 40!  The NBA should just name the All-Star game, the conferences, the draft even the dance teams after us.  Welcome to the Nugg Star Game, we have the Iverson Conference stars against the Melo Conference stars.  Now welcome the Miss Mountains Dance Team to the floor for the opening festivities!  The Nuggets make the world go round!

Wow, that was fun.  Another dominating performance by the most talented team anyone has ever seen, the Denver Nuggets.  Who can stand before us?  Who can make war with us?  What a rush!  Who is next?  Marshalltown or Madison or some other sorry town is going to get the same treatment tomorrow we just dished out on St. Louis or Joliet or whoever it was we beat down tonight.  

What are you talking about ninth place?  Well, that just means that everyone will want to be in ninth just like us, the Freakin’ World Famous Denver Nuggets!  Donald Stein or whoever that stuffy suit is will probably proclaim that we will have a bye right through to the finals, because we sell so many jerseys.  He probably shouldn’t waste his time on that though, teams won’t bother to show up to play us much longer the way we just demolish everyone just by showing up.

I can’t wait to get into the hotel tonight so I can dream about how great we are.  Sweet Nuggets dreams for the Kick Butt Nuggets!

Other Observations From Game 54:
What a freaking stinkbomb that was.  I could not be more disappointed in this team.

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Here is the box score if you can stomach it.