Denver Nuggets: Off Topic

Building bridges with basketball (and more)


Thanks to the Denver Nuggets and Denver Sister Cities International, the Mile High City has re-engaged with our sister city of Nairobi in more ways than once.

JaVale at Jake's on TV this Saturday


Be sure to watch this Saturday's episode of "Mom's Got Game" and look for a familiar Denver Stiffs Night Out stomping ground.

Ruminating around the association


While most sports fans have football on their minds right now, this Stiff is still thinking about the NBA.

Off Topic Monday: Nate Robinson close?


Post all your off topic conversation here.

OT: Rondo out with torn ACL


Basketball filled weekend had some sour news as Rajon Rondo tore his ACL in the Celtics loss to the Hawks on Jan. 25th.

OT Sat: West looking brutal


Just 13 games into the Nuggets' season and we can already tell the Western Conference playoff race is going to be a brutal one.

Oct 2nd Off Topic


The long wait is over, training camp is under way for your Nuggets

Off Topic Saturday: What's for breakfast?


What's for breakfast Stiffs?

Off Topic Sunday: NFL Week 2, Howard plays tug of war


Dwight Howard wants to make nice and the NFL kicks off Week 2 ...

Friday Off Topic: Talking hoops and more


Talking Quincy Miller signing, breaking down the Broncos and more ...


Saturday Off Topic: What starts today?


Happy College football day

Off Topic Friday: Who would you choose ...


The question I have for you, what Nuggets player that might be a little obscure do you remember?

Golden Nuggets: Remembering Your Favorite Nuggets Games


Although I haven't been as "fortunate" as many to have been a Nuggets fan for decades (I started following the team when Carmelo was drafted in 2003, right as I entered college), there's a few...

Off Topic Wednesday: Podcasting with the Mort Report


Jeff Morton joined the Colorado Sports Guys last night for some sports talk, pop-culture riffing, and Mars exploration chatter.

Off Topic Tuesday


Welcome to Coffee Talk, wanna topic to start it off? Ok, the music industry won't have a hard-copy of product by the year 2014 ... what do you think?

Off Topic Monday: The Newsroom


Anybody else watching HBO's The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels and a slew of other folks? Pretty interesting show from a journalism standpoint and hopefully a discussion we can have without talking...

Off Topic Saturday: LBJ and CP3 on hand to watch Missy Franklin


Missy Franklin won her third Gold Medal in the women's 200 meter backstroke. Not only did she set a new world record, but she earned the first medal in the event for the USA in 40 years.

Off Topic Monday: Team USA rolls over France


In their first Olympic test, team USA cruised to a 98-71 victory over Tony Parker and team France.

Olympic Talk: Olympic hoops power rankings?


Marc Stein from ESPN breaks down the men's Olympic hoops teams, power ranking style. The top three teams: United States, Spain, and Brazil. What order do you think the teams will finish?

Off topic Wednesday: Will the Nuggets' plans work?


What are the Nuggets' plans for the future? Will the Nuggets assets be movable or will they grow?

Off Topic Tuesday: Sideshow Bob still available


Lost in the free agent shuffle has been Robert Underdunk Terwilliger aka Sideshow Bob aka Robin Lopez. Adrian Wojnarowski reported this morning that the New Orleans Hornets have been trying to...

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