Read up on Brian Shaw, Kosta Koufos' arrival in Memphis, Erick Green, and NBA Summer League


What are you doing on this fine Sunday?

Check out some Nuggets information and reads.

Summer League kicks off July 12th in Las Vegas, but the Nuggets start playing on July 13th. Some guys to expect on the team? Quincy Miller and Erick Green. Who else could play? Evan Fournier, perhaps 55th pick and rookie Joffrey Lauvergne, and Izzet Turkyilmaz.

Rookies that will be on the team? CJ Harris out of Wake Forest, Ramon Galloway out of La Salle, Rich Howell out of North Carolina State, and O.D. Anosike out of Siena who led the nation in rebounding the past two seasons.

Here is the Nuggets schedule for Vegas and after July 16th a tournament will take place with a winner being determined on one game eliminations.

Sat., July 13 8:00 PM Denver vs. Milwaukee COX Pavilion
Mon., July 15 8:30 PM Denver vs. Chicago Thomas & Mack Center
Tue., July 16 8:00 PM Denver vs. Washington COX Pavilion

Check out this piece by Benjamin Hochman on Brian Shaw: A snippet below and click here.

It's just a Southern California Saturday at the grocery store - cantaloupe and kiwi and kumquats - when Jerome Stanley suddenly hears from his best friend, who's uncontrollably screeching into Stanley's cellphone: "They're all dead!"

Grizzlies bloggers talking about the addition of Kosta Koufos and departure of Darrell Arthur: click here.

Kevin Lipe: I think this move immediately makes the Grizzlies better. For years, every second Marc Gasol has spent off the court have been seconds that the Grizzlies hovered on the edge of collapse-or, in lots of cases, they flew right over the edge and started immediately sucking. With Kosta Koufos on the team, Marc Gasol shouldn't have to play 40 minutes a night anymore. It'll be the best thing that ever happened to Marc Gasol. He's probably throwing a Koufos party in Barcelona with Pau right now.

A piece on Erick Green from the Washington Post: click here.

As a junior at Millbrook High in 2008, when Green led the Pioneers to the first Virginia AA state title ever won by a Winchester school, Coach Scott Mankins had his star player wear a 20-pound vest during practice while dealing with constant double-teams to ensure he was being challenged.

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