[UPDATE] Bench-side shenanigans: Lawson swipes McGee's shoe during Nuggets win over Jazz

Sometimes the cameras can pick up some pretty crazy things. Remember when Kenneth Faried was caught by the Altitude crew losing his lunch into a towel? The Altitude crew picked up a little gem last night too ...


I caught up with Ty Lawson after tonight's win against the Magic to see just what happened to McGee's shoe after Ty swiped it from him.

"I was about to throw it, but I knew how mad JaVale was going to be. I guess he throws it to one of his fans or someone with his jersey [after the game]," said Lawson. "And I knew he was going to be pissed, so at first I was like, ‘I threw it already.' I hid it right behind me and he was pissed; he was looking for it for like five minutes. He started getting mad, so I gave it back to him."


During the closing minutes of Denver's 110-91 win over the Utah Jazz, Ty Lawson got his creepy-crawly on and swiped JaVale McGee's shoe. I caught the play on my DVR, uploaded it to YouTube (like a BOSS!), and give you the slow-motion replay of Lawson's thievery.

Views you can REALLY use:

1.) Check out how Lawson peers-over to see if McGee is paying attention to his footwear. As soon as he sees a clearing, he springs into action.

2.) Look at Danilo Gallinari's face ... he's oblivious to what Lawson is doing. Or maybe he just is in the zone.

3.) Kenneth Faried catches Lawson as he begins his crawl to glory, but the Manimal shows to be none-the-wiser.

4.) Kosta Koufos provides the perfect distraction as he appears to be attempting to listen to whatever funny anecdote McGee seems to be telling him.

5.) Once the shoe is in Ty's possession -- he quickly retreats back to home-base, his chair.

6.) In the background ... Andre Iguodala appears to be taking a little nap and Corey Brewer might be onto what Lawson has done, but he tries to ignore it.

7.) You have to look close, but Lawson appears to be incredibly pleased with his cat-burger skills as a little smirk can be seen on his face.

I love moments like this ...

Nate_Timmons on Twitter

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