Denver Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari still has no time-table for a return, but he is making progress on his rehabilitation from a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) that he suffered on April 4, 2013 against the Dallas Mavericks. Gallo began running recently and has been doing some jogging on the basketball court.

"I started to run [not sideways] just forward and backward and that's it," said Gallinari. "It's a jog, not full-speed yet. It feels pretty good. It doesn't feel like I haven't been running since the fourth of April, a lot of months. It doesn't feel as good as it could be, but it's going to be better every day."

Running is a crucial step and test for ACL injuries.

"It's a big step," said Gallo. "The running is a big step towards the rehab."

At practices, Gallo can be seen working with strength and conditioning coaches Steve Hess and Felipe Eichenberger either in the weight room or in a separate area on the practice court. After practice he does some light shooting that includes free throws, three pointers, and today included some half court shots taken both right handed and left handed. The half court shots with both hands are interesting because in order to shoot with both hands you take off and land with different legs.

Assistant coach Melvin Hunt and Gallo were having a friendly shooting contest after practice and Gallo was asked how he felt after shooting jumpers.

"I don't even jump during the game [laughs], those are my game shots," Gallo said of his near flat-footed shots. "It's just nice to be out there and be able to shoot a little bit. There is nothing that can hurt my knee, so …"

Gallo was taking quite a few shots left handed which begged me to ask:

Who wins a left handed shooting contest between yourself and Nate Robinson?

"Me," said Gallo without any hesitation. "Not even a question."

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