Fire Booth Now

This website was once named "Fire George Karl." It should change its name to "Fire Calvin Booth." Josh Kroenke should walk into Booth's office this morning and relieve him of his duties immediately. Clearly, the moment was too big for Booth last night during the NBA draft.

Booth committed multiple blunders during the draft. First, he exhibited no concept of how to slot players and how to assess their value relative to where other teams would pick that player. He picked Christian Braun with the 21st pick--a player who is a nice role player and one I think was undervalued, yet one that did not merit the 21st selection. He would have been available with the 30th pick. Marjon Beauchamp, Patrick Baldwin, and Wendell Moore would have all been better selections there. Booth compounded his error by selecting the 32nd ranked player left on the board at #30 in Peyton Watson. Booth went off the highlight reel from high school other than the tape at UCLA in making this selection. Watson will go down as one of the worst first round selections in NBA history. He averaged 3 pts and 32% at UCLA. These numbers suggest he has no feel for the game. He now becomes the player with the lowest scoring average to ever be picked in the first round. Andrew Nembhard or Kennedy Chandler would have been far superior picks here. They would have allowed you to move Monte Morris. EJ Liddell would have also added value as a defensive-minded wing with a nice mid-range game. Ultimately, Booth should have moved his two picks for #17 and picked a potential starter like Malaki Branham, not taken a backup and a no-hoper.

Next, Booth moved back into the 2nd round to select Kamagate. Can you say project who will never play in the NBA? Kendall Brown went two picks later. Jabari Walker, the enigmatic but electric Colorado forward, was still on the board here. Even Trevion Williams, the passing big man at Purdue, would have been a better selection and would have been a better backup to Jokic. Finally, Booth failed to move either Morris or Will Barton. Yes, he can still move these players next week, but it seemed like Booth missed an opportunity to do so last night.

This draft was Denver's last real chance to shape its roster via the draft for the next few years. Booth swung and hit a grounder to short. His misses will cost Denver dearly in the years to come.

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