Connelly to Minnesota? Please Say It's So

The news last night is that Tim Connelly is in serious discussions to become the next President of Basketball Operations of the Timberwolves. At this point, we can only speculate whether the move is posturing to get a better contract from the Kroenkes or is a sign Connelly wants out. Nuggets fans can only hope it is the latter. Connelly is a brilliant scout. He is a lousy GM. As a talent evaluator, there are few better than Connelly. He has sniffed out gems in the draft like Malik Beasley, Nikola Jokic, Monte Morris, and Bones Hyland. But being a GM is more than picking good talent. It is building a roster. It is winning trades to benefit your team. In these areas, Connelly is deficient. The Nuggets over the last decade have been a team that has lacked a rim protector, three point shooting, particularly off the bench, and perimeter defense. These are all pieces necessary to win a championship. Connelly has also made trades that appear as if he caved at the first sign of resistance from the other team. And who could forget trading down when Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo were still on the board? Perhaps most telling, Connelly has failed to pull the trigger on a big-time move that would change the face of the Nuggets for the better. If the Nuggets want to win a title, now is the time to wish Tim well and find a more aggressive GM who can transform this roster into a true winner.

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