TPM™ 2021-'22 Game #60 vs Portland

Nuggets vs Blazers III: "Keep on Streakin' on!"

The Good Guys

Their Adversaries

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TPM™ Game60 PDX

Nikola "Big Honey" Jokic: +29

Aaron "Aar" Gordon: +11

"Brontosaurus" Monte Morris: +4

Will "Thrill" Barton: -1

"Uncle" Jeff Green: +11

"Bones" Hyland: -1

Bryn "The Djinn" Forbes: +14

Austin "Tributary" Rivers: +13

DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins: +29

"Mr Undependable" JaMychal Green: +15

Facundo "El Mago" Campazzo: +2

"Mr Dependable" Davon Reed: +3

"Wet" Markus Howard: -1


Total TPM™

Nikola Jokic: 52 games +1971

Aaron Gordon: 53 games +721

Monte Morris: 52 games +713

Will Barton: 51 games +387

Jeff Green: 54 games +189

Bones Hyland: 48 games +309

Bryn Forbes: 18 game +121

Austin Rivers: 46 games +118

Zeke Nnaji: 38 games +141

DeMarcus Cousins: 10 games +74

JaMychal Green: 46 games +78

Facundo Campazzo: 55 games +427

Davon Reed: 31 games +98

Markus Howard: 25 games +63

Jamal Murray: 0 games +0

Michael Porter Jr: 9 games +56

Vlatko Cancar: 14 games +56


Avg. TPM™ Per Game

Nikola Jokic: +37.90

Aaron Gordon: +13.60

Monte Morris: +13.71

Will Barton: +7.59

Jeff Green: +3.50

Bones Hyland: +6.44

Bryn Forbes: +6.72

Austin Rivers: +2.57

Zeke Nnaji: +3.71

DeMarcus Cousins: +7.40

JaMychal Green: +1.70

Facundo Campazzo: +7.76

Davon Reed: +3.16

Markus Howard: +2.52

Jamal Murray: +0.50

Michael Porter Jr: +6.22

Vlatko Cancar: +4.00


TPM Per-Minute Splits (Through game 42 {midway point})