Regular Season Defense, Playoff Defense

I honestly don’t understand this off-season at all. I mean I get it but it doesn’t move the Needle in anyway. The FA additions are all pretty much meh... They don’t have the right pieces especially in the playoffs to win a conference finals. The front office may not be oblivious of this but for awhile they have done little to address it.

None of our FA guys move the needle on D in the postseason. I have no problem with the Barton deal, I would have preferred they try and use the 30+ million to find a two way difference maker or a defensive PG/SG/SF/PF or C, Rivers didn’t need to be brought back this early. Make this group play D to grind out some wins and to heck with the W/L record.

The PostSeason D is a huge problem

Joking, MPJ, Barton, GordA, are just not cutting it defensively come playoff time. That’s individually or as a unit. I was kind of surprised to see Murray is usually one of our best playoff defenders. After I thought it over he’s just one of those guys who hates to lose more than he loves to win.

MPJ and GordA are Athletic enough to do much more on the defensive end. A $&)%+0: more

Draft: While I find this Bones dude they drafted all kinds of entertaining, crazy range, transition and step back 3’s and good length this dude shouldn’t see the court for two years. He can’t defend the ball and that causes problems for the whole defense. He does have some nice secondary D abilities because of his length but they usually manifest as a failure of his primary. Unlesss he has some second gear athleticism that didn’t show up on offensive or defensive college tape that’s gonna be a challenge for him. I also don’t think he has the handles. Dude can finish, Shoot, I’m not as worried about his offensive decision making at the pro level. The basically had 3 defenders on him all the time in college. I don’t care if he puts on weight or not. Not sure it helps his game.

So I guess I see him replacing the old Will Barton role a few years ago. The second teams primary scorer and head down offensive player. I like him in the backcourt with Morris in the future. They can both work the pick and role and spot up. That 6’9 wingspan is like running out on big shooter with just crazy length.

Draft Concerns: What does concern me is that I feel there were some guys who can become legit 2 way players which we need now but just as much in the future.

Aaron Gordon/MPJ trade: IMO you only trade away an MPJ+ if you find a younger kind of Chris Paul or K. Leonard someone who is elite on both sides of the ball and literally elevates the team into true championship contention. There just aren’t enough guys like that out there. Gordon is looking like a future Cap casualty because nothing he did last year increased his value one bit. I was incredibly disappointed he didn’t get more playing time but hey Millsap was just better.

They still should have found him more time... I hope they have explained to G&G they are here to sit kill these young dudes MPJ & AG in practice and help them learn about D.

Thank goodness Gordon is young he probably has some value but we didn’t give up really anything for him at least not anything proven. If the Nuggets continue to think their Regular Season Defensive Ranking is going to produce Championships or Finals appearances we’ve got problems...

Bol Bol: Talented thin guy has like 6 people in front of him. Screw it may as well put him in at SG or small forward with the first Unit and make things pretty damn interesting. I mean seriously Jokers always handling the ball working off the ball MPW would rather come move to the perimeter. No Reason why Bol can’t set an elbows downscreen and stay on the backside. He can shoot well enough to float to a corner or occasionally flash.

Seriously who is going to defend MPJ on the perimeter giving up 6" in height. Bol can then defend the weak side of Joker and at least alter shots. Morris & Barton on the Perimeter and Gordon with the second Unit where he belongs.

Even as I write this it sounds stupid like NBA heresy but come on man MPJ wants to be the center of this team and as long as he understands he will have to make the offensive and defense go with positioning, vision, athleticism & leadership this is the way to do it.

also show me another team with basically 3 seven footers that skilled... It doesn’t exist.

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