Why hasn’t Denver Nuggets youngster Michael Porter Jr. signed a new deal?

When squads have a young and talented player coming to the end of a rookie contract, they’re always anxious to re-sign the contract as soon as possible. The league even helps squads by letting them extend the full calendar year of a player before their contract ends.

Ordinarily, that should be the case for Denver Nuggets player Michael Porter Jr, and best usa online casino sites wants to see his next step.

While Michael Porter Jr.isnot a superstar like Luka Doncic or Trae Young, he’s talented enough to justify an extension. But the free agency has come and gone and there haven’t been any updates about a possible elongation.

According to Mike Singer, of The Denver Post, not long after Denver Nuggets were eliminated from the playoffs, Tim Connelly was aching to get a contract extension sorted, saying that it has been the franchise’s MO to sign players early enough.

Well, we’ve missed the "early" part, what’s going on?

Many are wondering why there is a delay in Michael Porter Jr.’s contract extension, and in this article, we take a critical look at the reasons.

Michael Porter Jr. is undoubted, one hell of a basketball player and at 23-years-old, he has a lot of upsides.

Following the ACL injury to Jamal Murray, Michael averaged 22.8 points a game while recording 55 percent from the court, 45 percent from 3-point range, and about 86 percent from the free-throw line. Michael took on the position as the second option only behind Nikola Jokic and did pretty well.

Building on that incredible stat, Michael will likely be taking over as the second option for all of the next campaign. If only he can repeat his post-Jamal injury feat, he could be in store for a massive season in the 2021-22 campaign.

Because of Michael’s play and soon-to-be improved role, he probably sees himself as a max basketballer. His complete max, coming off a rookie deal is five years contract worth $168 million.

A major reason we have not heard him signing a new deal is that he’s not getting offered the max contract.

If Tim Connelly, the president of basketball operations of the Denver Nuggets and the Denver Nuggets hierarchy were offering MPJ his max, it’d start to cramp the salary sheet of the team after this next campaign. It’d mean he, as well as Nikola Jokic and Jamal, are all on their max contract, and that’s before attempting to re-sign Aaron Gordon's next campaign.

Including, MPJ isn’t without his injury worries. He missed his rookie campaign with a back injury setback and got even worse during the playoffs in 2021.

As ESPN’s Bobby Marks wrote, just before free agency, the Nuggets are possibly hesitant to pay him the full max considering these health worries.

However, there are a lot of ways to protect the squad from injuries; the best spot to turn would be any of Joel Embiid’s deal extensions. As Bobby Marks writes via machines a sous en ligne:

"The structure of [Embiid’s rookie] extension protected Philadelphia in Years 2-5 in case Embiid suffered an injury to his feet or back that caused him to miss significant time. The Nuggets could do the same with Porter’s contract."

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