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Is Damian Lillard unhappy in Portland? Nuggets big man rotation | Pickaxe and Roll

Ryan discusses the distressing situation in Portland and then finishes up end-of-season grades with the big man rotation

Ryan Blackburn discusses the messy situation surrounding the Portland Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard. The hiring of Chauncey Billups has, among other things, sent many involved into a tailspin. Who’s to blame? What’s going to happen? Should the Denver Nuggets try to get involved?

Then, Ryan wraps up his end-of-season evaluation series with some thoughts on the Nuggets big man rotation. Will Paul Millsap be back next year? Should JaVale McGee have played more minutes? Is Zeke Nnaji in line for a breakout season? How can Nikola Jokić get more rest? Ryan discusses it all and more.