Jokic Brawl

After watching multiple videos of the Nikola’s brothers try to get on to the floor and make Devin Booker regret getting into the face of the MVP, I have finally figured out how I feel about what could have been if they successfully reached the court.

As much as I initially wanted to see what would have taken place with the two giant, tattooed Serbians dishing out punishment like the scene from Step Brothers when they go back to teach the school-yard bullies a lesson, it would have killed Nikola.

His brothers would have definitely been arrested, and then banned from ever attending an NBA game again. If Nikola could never have his brothers in attendance of any games for the rest of his bright future in the league, I can’t imagine what that would do to him emotionally.

It also would have really hurt Denver in general with the league not that far away from a week of multiple fan interactions. Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Utah all got hit with some pretty bad publicity after their fans interacted with players. So multiple behemoths rushing onto the floor to protect their brother would be a rough look compared to a water bottle or popcorn.

With all this being said, each version of video I have watched with Nemanja and Strahinja being held back by court-side security still has me wondering how far they could have gone if Nuggets and Suns players got a little more physical in their altercation.

So many things could have gone differently and led to some serious issues for the Denver Nuggets, though I am all in on Nikola having his brothers supporting him from the stands, knowing they always have his back.

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