Summer 2021 and beyond - a modest proposal

The tragic loss of Jamal Murray to injury lays bare a cruel and unfortunate truth about MVP level talents and the fleeting years of their prime. The window for any contending team does not stay open for long. While the acquisition of Aaron Gordon was a prudent one, it is clear the Nuggets are going to have to retool if they want to contend when Murray returns after the All Star Break next season, and what they are willing to do in order not to squander the Joker in all his splendor while he is still on the right side of 30.

Jokic, Gordon and MPJ are all keepers in the starting unit. Everyone else not named Jamal Murray should be considered tradable for the right offer. Consider this proposal:

Nuggets acquire Lonzo Ball (FA or trade) and Buddy Hield (sing and trade with Barton) in order to form the backcourt of the present. Ball and Murray form the backcourt of the future, with Hield and Morris off the bench.

Fill out the bench with the likes of FA Carmelo Anthony (offer him a contract to play for a title with the team that drafted him and have his #15 jersey retired along with Jokic's.) Also FA PJ Tucker, maybe FA Hassan Whiteside and maybe bring Paul Millsap back on a vet min.

Your starting 5:

Murray, Ball, Gordon, MPJ, Jokic


Morris, Hield, Melo, Tucker, Whiteside

3rd String:

Facu, Dozier, Millsap, Bol

If that team doesn't win a championship, blow it up and make Doncic an offer he can't refuse.

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