Coach Chauncey Billups leaves Denver frustrated

Portland Trail Blazers coach Chauncey Billups has revealed his frustrations about his side’s play. Chauncey doesn’t ever appear too agitated, even following a defeat, and the side has suffered eight in 14 games, with many lopsided losses and some coming against teams missing vital players.
That was the case Sunday when the Portland Trail Blazers (6-8) gave a listless effort and suffered a 124-95 loss at Denver (9-4).

Once again, the face of Billups and tone didn’t match that of a team coach reaching his boiling point with his side’s inconsistent play.
Since the hiring of Billups, he has preached accountability and hard work. The effort of his team has been spotty, according to best au online casino sites. The accountability element could be just around the corner with a lineup switch.

Billups said "It’s coming" when questioned if the point is close when he might have to shake things up in his team. "That point is coming soon. If we continue to play like that. If you think about it. If you keep playing that way, then at some point, I have to look at it and say, ‘Dang, something is not quite working.’ And then maybe think about shifting some things around. But it’s getting there."

The Blazers, who played Toronto on Monday, started Sunday’s encounter flat in Billups’ analysis while falling right behind 33-18 at the end of the opening quarter. The team recorded poor shots (30.4% and 1 of 11 on threes), but Billups said the issues were more than poor shots. He didn’t see a starting element that he felt competed, which he could not understand considering that the Blazers lost to Denver Nuggets in the first round of last campaign’s playoffs and the Denver Nuggets were without Jamal Murray due to knee injury and Michael Porter Jr. with a back problem.

The Portland Trail Blazers were minus Damian Lillard (Point Guard), who sat with an abdomen problem, but Billups disclosed that not having the side’s superstar was no major excuse for not playing tough.

Billups said, "There’s nothing, no matter who plays or not, it should never control whether you play with urgency and desperation,".

"Things are different when you’ve got someone different running the point or calling the plays, or this or that, but none of those things should ever change how hard you play."

The coach limited the troubles to the starting five alone, although he disclosed that he felt that Lillard’s replacement, Anfernee Simons, played with much effort, which resulted in backing them. That leaves Norman Powell, CJ McCollum, Robert Covington, and Jusuf Nurkic.

When questioned if the effort issues were coming from different players on different nights, he said: "I’m seeing some consistent things that I’m not very happy with almost every night."

There have been matching nights when the Portland Trail Blazers have lost and the coach has said it was mental mistakes, and not a lack of enough effort, that sunk his side. Learning new methods and a new coaching crew was always expected to take time. But delivering maximum effort is something the players disclosed they were ready to do following a regime switch from Terry Stotts to Billups. So far, that has not completely materialized.

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