Nuggets Season Predictions

Since we can't do sig lines anymore, I figured we needed a place to make our Nuggets season record predictions. I thought we could post them here and then have a record to refer back to throughout the season.

Nuggets last season won .653 of their games. That would project out to about a 53 win season in a normal 82 game schedule. I think the nuggets started a little slow last year because they were integrating both Green and Porter more fully into the rotation.

Nuggets have a very road heavy schedule the first 20 or so games this year, and they will be without murray for the first half of the season or more. I think Jokic starts the season in full on GOAT mode that he ended last year in and they do better than expected early in the year, and then could finish the season on a major run with a home heavy schedule and with Murray returning to the lineup.

I'm going to guess at 56 wins this year. Please note: all of my predictions are guaranteed to be 100% wrong.

What say you? Put your predictions in the comments for all posterity! If I could I'd do a poll also, but I don't see that option anymore. Thanks Coral.

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