Nuggets star Murray on recovery: 'I can't rush time'

Denver Nuggets star guard Jamal Murray can't wait to return to the court as he did before that unforgettable night in San Francisco in April when his left knee twisted as he drove past Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins, ending his campaign and ultimately quashing the championship aspirations of Denver Nuggets.

Yet, Jamal Murray insists he's not in a hurry to return to action from his damaged ACL lest he risks aggravating the problem and extending his time out from the competition that weighs so strongly on him.

He's given supporters some mouthwatering tidbits of what the future has in stock during his recovery from his damaged ACL.

Murray drained 3-pointers during playoff game warm-ups, then coached and cheered colleagues from the sideline and sometimes bolted past team coach Michael Malone to hand officials an earful.

Jamal said via gambling online, "Just five months ago, I couldn't lift my leg off the bed, so, I've come a long way. But even when I do certain things, I've got to remind myself that I can't do it to the speed or the level that I want to do it.

"That’s the biggest thing for me coming back, is having confidence in it. You’ll see a lot of videos of me playing 1-on-1, me scoring at a high clip, but that doesn’t mean it feels the way I want it to feel," that’s just going to come with time. And I can’t rush time," Murray concluded.

Nuggets President of basketball operations, Tim Connelly has disclosed the team won't rush him.

Tim said, "He'll come back when he's ready,"

"Not when we tell him, not a date on the calendar."

So, the team enters the new season with a similar mentality they adopted the day after Jamal Murray got injured: they'll all share the responsibility until their sparkplug returns fully fit.

It worked for them last season as they went 13-5 after Jamal Murray's setback, then defeat Portland in the playoffs before eventually losing to Phoenix Suns.

"And now as we start this new season. I think that has to be the same mindset," Malone said. "It is by committee."

Without a doubt, the born leader Murray will be right on the sideline to cheer the team on.

Murray said via machine a sous, "I plan to make most of the trips," obviously, I still swell up when I fly or I’m not as lost the next day when I go to lift. Certain flights or one-game road trips I might not make, but for the most part, I’ll be with the team and I’ll be doing scouting reports for the team like pregame and stuff."

"I’ll kind of be like a player/coach out there. I’ll be bouncing around everywhere. I’m looking forward to that aspect of it."

He added, "I want to feel good when I come back. I don’t want to come back when I’m 85% no matter where the team’s at,"

"I want to come back when it feels like I can play with the same amount of force that I normally play with. I don’t want to be babying it at all or overthinking at all. I want to be naturally in my head where I can play without any pain, play without any second thought."

The hard-working Murray is always the first player to arrive at the Ball Arena and the last to go.

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