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The Denver Stiffs Show - Andrew Feinstein on racial injustice, the NBA’s return, and more

Ryan and Zach are joined by the OG Big Stiff Andrew Feinstein to talk about the past week on and off the court

In this episode, Ryan Blackburn and Zach Mikash are joined by Andrew Feinstein, Founder of Denver Stiffs, to discuss the following:

Current Events

  • COVID-19 and Protests throughout the United States
  • How the city of Denver has handled a tumultuous period
  • How individuals can bring about societal change

NBA Back

  • Was the timing right to talk about the NBA again?
  • Excitement levels for the NBA’s return
  • Why 22 teams?
  • Who are the favorites to win a championship?

Denver Nuggets tidbits

  • Best player in franchise history
  • Favorite players to watch in franchise history
  • Thoughts about the 2019-20 Nuggets and how good they really are