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Report: Nuggets to sign Troy Daniels

Denver may have found its emergency shooter - for real this time

NBA: Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Well that’s interesting. Following the release of Jordan McRae (per his request) Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN indicates the Denver Nuggets will fill that roster slot with guard Troy Daniels, recently of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Daniels has only played in 41 games this year, most of those with just a handful of minutes, and his shooting has suffered from that inconsistency. Lakers coach Frank Vogel had nothing but nice things to say about the way he accepted that inconsistency in playing time, however:

A six-year vet who shoots 40% career from three-point range, Daniels helps the Nuggets shore up that potential gap in its roster in case of injury that was left vacant when Malik Beasley was traded and later McRae wanted more minutes. No word yet on the length of the deal - whether it is just for this year or includes an option for next year - but as he signed in Denver of his own free will rather than being traded here, he is probably more accepting of the role Denver needs him to play over the last month of the season and into the playoffs.

Denver’s front office has filled the emergency shooter role with a veteran who is more amenable to his circumstances than what they had before. How do you feel about it, Nuggets fans?


Is Troy Daniels a good addition to this Nuggets team?

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  • 46%
    Yes, they needed an emergency shooter
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  • 18%
    No, he’s not good enough or it doesn’t move the needle
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  • 35%
    If he takes minutes from MPJ, we riot
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