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Nuggets Numbers - The 2020 NBA Trade Deadline

Ryan discusses recent rumors surrounding Jrue Holiday, Robert Covington, and some rotation questions moving forward

As the NBA Trade Deadline edges ever closer, the Denver Nuggets find themselves in an interesting spot. They may acquire a player, they may move current players to free up time in the rotation. There are many questions surrounding the Nuggets, the first of which being if they think they can win a championship either as currently constructed or if they are one trade away.

In this episode, Ryan Blackburn discusses the following:

  • An extended conversation on Jrue Holiday and whether he fits in Denver
  • Brief discussions of other players Denver may be looking to acquire, including Robert Covington
  • If Denver moves Malik Beasley or Juancho Hernangomez and where they could go
  • Five rotation questions before the deadline to discuss where the Nuggets currently stand