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Nuggets Numbers - Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets stacked rotation

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Zach Mikash drops by to discuss Denver’s stacked rotation and whether Melo could fit in

Carmelo Anthony appeared on ESPN’s First Take to discuss his current free agency with Stephen A. Smith. He spoke about his time with the Nuggets, how his career has evolved, and some of the mistakes along the way. During the interview, he made references to the media giving him a bad rap as one of the reasons he isn’t currently signed with an NBA team.

To discuss his comments, as well as some detailed discussion on Denver’s rotation decisions during the 2019-20 season, I brought on Zach Mikash, former Stiffs Deputy Editor and media member. Zach and I had a good time evaluating Melo’s fit in Denver, choosing starters for opening night, and mapping out a congested rotation.


Zach’s Twitter: @ZachMikash