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Nuggets Numbers - Will the Nuggets get involved in the NBA Draft?

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Part 2 of a conversation with Brandon Anderson that covers Anthony Davis, the NBA Draft, and the Nuggets going forward

After spending Part 1 discussing the Anthony Davis trade from all angles, I dove into the NBA Draft headfirst with Brandon Anderson. Brandon has spent hours and hours watching film, compiling statistics, and writing about the 2019 draft class, so I thought I would have him on to discuss as many of the prospects as we can get to.

From Zion Williamson’s stardom, to R.J. Barrett’s concerning traits, to a number of prospects the Nuggets should consider acquiring, we spent close to an hour discussing Thursday’s potential festivities. I like Brandon Clarke, Grant Williams, and Chuma Okeke most for Denver. If you have a draft question, ask Brandon on Twitter: @wheatonbrando.


Brandon’s Twitter: @wheatonbrando

Brandon’s most recent draft article: Ranking the Small Forwards in the 2019 NBA Draft