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The Denver Stiffs Show - NBA trade season is here

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Ryan, Jena, and Gage discuss the road trip, the rotation, and how the Nuggets can improve their roster this year.

December 15th is right around the corner, and with it comes NBA trade season.

40% of the NBA will be eligible for a trade come Sunday, and the Denver Nuggets are one of the teams that could be heavily involved.

In the first segment (2:30), Ryan Blackburn, Jena Garcia, and Gage Bridgford discuss Denver’s 1-3 road trip, including what went wrong, Nikola Jokic’s performances, and how the Nuggets can fix things.

In the second segment (23:00), they discuss the bench rotation and the limitations of Denver’s current lineup.

In the third segment (38:00, and it’s a long one) the group delves into trade talk, discussing the type of players Denver may look to acquire and which players make the most sense, from Andre Iguodala to J.J. Redick.